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I would like to take a few minutes in a few short paragraphs to talk about me and about what I will be posting.

Through simple words, one can express how he/she feels. My philosophy behind writing is one can write about whatever he/she wants. You may be able to talk about a few topics in person to someone but you may not be able to talk about everything in details. Therefore, you can depend on your words to do this for you. Express what and how you feel!

This blog is about diverse topics. Whatever the heart feels, it may appear here, it may appear through a few well said quotes, or it may be a story. It totally depends on the topic and the situation. Besides all these, there are articles I have written for newspapers and clubs.

Another part of the blog is that it has essays particularly essays I have written for my classes. You can read them and get something out of them. I write not for grades but for being a better writer. I like feedback. Feel free to let me know through a word.

I love IT! You may find articles and comments about different technology. 

Blogs are meant to be personal, but these days, one can get much from blogs. Having gotten tired of the real world, come and read what others think. You may think differently when you think you have companions. 

It is always moral and worth it you one gives credits to another. I will be posting  catchy and different quotes. I’m taught to give credits to other words and arts. Therefore, if it happens I forget to give credits to something, do let me know.

Why does one write?

I believe the answer is to be a better writer and to change how one thinks in the moment.

English is not my native language! Therefore, all inspiring comments and creative ideas are welcome.



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