Why Do We Think the Way We Think?

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November 16, 2013 by throughwriting

Why do we think the way we think?

Have you ever asked yourself why we think the way we think? Well, the answer is not a piece of cake. Yet it depends on you. I want to break down the question and then explain it in my view.

Thinking is a continuous process but it is not 24/7 active. Sometimes you do things that you are not aware of, yet in the moment you like what you have just said. I’m aware that our brain consists of two major parts, psychologically, conscious and unconscious. The question is whether we are conscious or unconscious when we think. Then you can say, “Well, thinking means consciousness and not thinking is unconsciousness” If so, then why do not we like what we are thinking of because we know what we are thinking of and we know that because we are conscious?

The way we think about the least and the most important feature in this life depends on us. It mostly depends on where and how we are at the moment. This is of course besides the environment we are in. People do have effect on how you think. It is possible you think somehow different with your best friend(s) from your siblings. I believe this is natural because you are the same person but you have different roles.

My answer to the above question is we think the way we think because we connect ourselves to other people when we think. Whenever you think, you are not completely thinking of yourself. You might think about college, your friend, family, new plan, classes, or even your neighbor. You have other influences on you. If you stop for a second and tell yourself, out loud, this, “What am I thinking of now without all the influences?” I’m not surprised if you do not have an exact answer.

The way I’m thinking now is about what to write and how to express what I’m really thinking of by having all the influences and ignoring them for a second.

This argument grabs more words but being a little bit mysterious is beneficial because it makes you think.


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