The Mystery of Bookstore in AUIS

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November 15, 2013 by throughwriting


By TMR, Staff Reporter, AUIS Voice, 2012

A prestigious university should be able to provide all the necessary course materials of education to its students. Since AUIS is the only university that offers an American educational style, the university should be able to have the major things, such as books.

Bookstore is one of the major parts of AUIS. Yet the bookstore has not had all the necessary books since the new campus was opened. Each semester, if not the majority, a number of students have difficulty getting books. Students have been truly disappointed because it has been six weeks that some students still don’t have enough books.

“I still can’t understand why a university can’t provide its own students’ books,” said Rawand Wrya, an academic student, who hasn’t had a physical science book.

Not only lack of books has created problems, but also the way of buying books particularly at the very beginning of the semester. Students had to wait in line for hours to get a book.

Since there are no enough books, students at the first week of the semester hurriedly buy their books, which make the bookstore very crowded and hard to get a book. Most students prefer to have second cash register, as Sana Karwan, an academic semester states, “During the start of the semester, the bookstore becomes very busy and there is only one cashier, and I  think there should be at least two because the number of students increases yearly.”

Professors always stress on using our times effectively by reading books. The question is, “How to read a book if there is not a book to read beside the library, where the number of books is very limited?”

Swara Sammy, the bookstore manager, explained the issues, “The Bookstore is not authorized to order any books unless it’s requested and budgetary approved by the instructors, and we get the number of enrollments from the registrar’s office.”

Sammy illustrates that the bookstore manager is not the only one who is responsible for the delay of the books, but also the faculty and registrar’s office.  “Usually we start the order process two months before the semester starts,” Sammy added. “Each semester the number enrollments changes per courses and this is one of the main reasons that we don’t have enough books for students or we end up with extras.”

In addition to his explanation about not having enough books, Sammy explains that AUIS gets the books from several well-known publishers, such as Cengage, Pearson, Wiley, McGraw Hill and other known sources. Another thing that students argue daily is the prices of the books, which is very different from the other universities in Kurdistan, where students don’t pay an avalanche amount of money to purchase books. However, “We do offer a range of 15 – 30% discount rates per book, which depends on the book,” added Sammy.

Sammy didn’t explicitly say why they couldn’t afford another cash register. Instead he suggested that students should be patient while buying their books, although the

bookstore tried to have students buy their books by name, which means by alphabetical order, and this technique didn’t last because students “never followed that instruction.”

Students really would like to have all the books ready at the beginning of each semester and hope to have a better way of buying their books. The bookstore has been trying hard to bring enough books for the next semester, and urges students to be patient as much as they can.

Since  the  manager of the bookstore attended a book conference outside Kurdistan, the Voice wasn’t able to cover all the issues and facts about the bookstore.


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