AUIS Brings High Schools to Visit Campus

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November 15, 2013 by throughwriting


By TMR, Staff Reporter, AUIS Voice, 2012

There are some private universities throughout Kurdistan, most of which have created a great impact on students. The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) is one of the universities that has worked hard lately to let the students know more about the qualities of the university, and what the university offers the students.

AUIS’s Admission Office has planned to bring as many students as possible to the university, and the purpose of this is to account for the reality of AUIS because many people as well as students have misunderstood the university and mentioned the university as a profit institution, and they think AUIS is just for rich people.

“Today, we visited the American University of Sulaimani, and we realized what we had heard about this university was not actually what we saw, and I am looking forward to studying in this university next year,” said Rawand Jawhar, 17 years old, a student at Halkawt High School.

The university has brought other universities’ students to let them be acquaint with the university’s education style. Rebeen Azad, Enrollment Manager at AUIS, said, “We have arranged a visit for twelfth and eleventh graders because we’ve noticed a lack of awareness about our university, application requirements and the tuition.” The American University of Sulaimani’s students also have a major role on assisting the students and teachers who visit the campus, and the students work as a volunteer for their university.

“The idea of visiting students to our university is actually very good,” said Tawar Sarwar, an academic student from Sulaimani. “Students who visited here today haven’t known what the university offers.”

Besides the excitement that the students who visit AUIS have, many teachers have also visited AUIS to closely know the features of it. “This is a very good university, and what the American University does by describing the university to students is a perfect idea,” said Hangaw Nasradin, a dean of Bakrajo high school and economic teacher. “This makes the students work hard on the baccalaureate exam to get the grades they want and then come to this university.”

Paul Craft, Director of Enrollment and Advisor to the Voice, said that because there were a lot of rumors and misunderstandings about AUIS in past years, the university has not been in control of the narrative, and the University had not been telling people why AUIS was unique and special. As a result, the Admissions Office had decided to bring students and high school teachers to better understanding what the campus was like, the teachers were like, the classes were like.

AUIS has been opened and offered students an American-style education since 2007, and when the new campus was opened in the fall 2011, AUIS has high hopes that its enrollment will increase in future years.


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